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I am Karina Bally and passionated by the Coton de Tuléar since many years.
My goal as an occasional breeder is to make people happy with a nice, healthy and socialized dog.
As a breeder I am affiliated to St. Hubertus, FCI since 2002.I breed only with pedigree Sint Hubertus end follow their guidelines. Hereby the pups are DNA tested on parenthood and are you sure of variety purity. As breeder you need to go with the evolution in the dog world. As contemporary breeder I follow what goos on in the (inter)national ‘coton’ world. I don’t focus on shows or titles, here it is all about appearance and beauty. I don’t like this world. Off course I follow the F.C.I. breed standard and I do inbreed calculation. I test my dogs via DNA on diseases that can occur in the breed. These tests are not obligated by Sint Hubertus, I do them voluntarily to maintain the breed as a breeder should do who is committed to his breed. A perfect dog doesn’t exist, they are living creatures, the goal is to make responsible combinations with the test results and to breed as healthy dogs as possible. Pedigrees and test results you can find at ‘Our Cotons’. Our dogs live with us in the house in family circle.


How it started...

It all started when we adopted a hosteldog to keep our Labrador company. Afther a long research of breed descriptions and through shows, it seemed that our "Boy" had been crossed and that he was for at least 80 % a "Coton de Tuléar". After his really short life we have bought a real "Coton de Tuléar", Ybeau, 13 weeks old, because we felt in love with breed. A few months later we wished to procure a second Coton as the breed conquered totally our hearts, it appeared to be the perfect breed for us. We visited a breeder to look if we could buy another puppy, and we saw "Xarkos", 18 months old, who reminded me a lot of "Boy", same character and manners.

The spark came across and it was mutual, so we got home with "Xarkos du Mas des Flocons". More or less one year later we took the decision to go on with Cotons. We looked around for appropriated bitches and had to search for matching bloodlines. The quest didn't seem to be easy as there are not so many Cotons in Belgium. We really wanted to have different bloodlines from those of our male dogs. We found and bought" Sabelle Cristal de Mira Ceti" in France when she was only 10 days old. At nine weeks, she came to our home. "Liefkensrode Amani" we even ordered her before her birth here in Belgium. At 8 weeks she came to enlarge the gang. And Rimel, she came to us two days afther her first birthday.